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  • do you still work around emulation? or you are on your quest to find that investor for " that " kind of website? you know what im talking about
    Can you get in contact with me? I had you on MSN a while ago.
    My Skype is cory.meng I need some help with Dedi.
    you got experience with dbc nerfing damages or tinkering cast times ? also any experience with dbc editing cata/mop models into wotlk? trinity core.
    I tried to ask on chatbox but I ask here , what parts of a server can you handle? I mean your field of work
    Hey, man.

    I've noticed a lot of your scripts being publicized over a lot of different forums lately, and I thought I'd give it a shot and ask for a request!

    Would it be possible to make your VIPcommands script accessible for Oregoncore, or Blizzlikecore on a windows 7 OS? I've been reading over it and I'd really love it on my custom server, but I keep getting a ton of compile errors.

    And, one more thing, would it be possible to make these commands available to a player who has a certain item? Like, lets say, if I give them a VIP token, they then become a world VIP and have access to those commands.

    Anyway, whatever you can do, I'd reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaallyy appreciate it!!!!! I've been searching for 3 days to find a good Oregoncore VIP system script, and I've found myself ending up here asking for someone's help haha.

    Thanks in advanced :)
    hey its nidan i was your co owner on a bunch of projects about 2 years ago i really need to speak with you add my skype colemicar
    Hello ghostcrawler336 i need something from you and i am ready to pay i cant say it here so you can add me on skype or open your pm
    Hello Ghostcrawler336 I'm need you help.
    can you help me with fix rbac system .. for player view commands.. ?
    Thanks :p
    When i import one of the db files i get his error.. ever seen it before?

    /* SQL Error (1062): Duplicate entry 'rbac account' for key 'PRIMARY' */
    Hey, I couldn't import some of the files i got.. I guess I've mixed up different versions for char and auth.. Do u have all the files for a 100% fresh db?
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