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  1. Brunolopes

    Official Ac-Web Repack NPCbots

    This repack is the most advanced and updated version of Azerothcore running in the patch 3.3.5a with a lot of custome features. The repack has 0 Errors/crashes. This Repack Includes: 1v1 arena Anticheat Autobalance Cross Faction Battlegrounds Gainhonoronguardkill Globalchat .chat Individualxp...
  2. Brunolopes

    What expansion/ scripts would you like to see in a repack

    Heyo guys I will have this weekend mostly free and was thinking on doing something for you guys! What expansion would you like to see a repack ? (custom content im only experienced in woltk) What custom features do you want it to have? Please be SPECIFIC
  3. Jacatinelord

    script folder is missing from AC Web Repack

    Hello, can someone help me? lately i got the ac web repack v 8.0 and I wonder if I can add custom scripts on it. but I did not find any scripts folder, so I cant add custom scripts on it or even find the folder, any idea where the folder is located? and how in other ways I can install my custom...
  4. Syrius

    Looking for a legion repack

    Hi, I'd like to make my own server, but I'm quite new to it, I've done a BC one back then, but no idea how it works now. I saw different repacks for legion, based on different core, but no idea what to get, what are the differences, what's the most stable... It's mostly for solo, doing quests...
  5. khyle650

    Repack AzerothCore NPCBots + Eluna + Extras [335a Solo/LAN] 2023

    Repack AzerothCore NPCbots+Races Customs+Eluna+Extras 3.3.5a MySQL User: acore MySQL Pass: acore MySQL Port: 3306 Emulator: AzerothCore rev. 96a5224d927f+ 2023-04-22 Database: ACDB 335.9-dev Account Admin: Username: admin Pass: admin Account Player: Username: player Pass: player To start...
  6. M

    Repack torghast project Mist of pandaria 5.4.8

    Hi Yall I'm Real New At This, Does anyone know the Login and Password for this MySql file trying to open it in HeidiSQL and nothing is working. Thank -Jim
  7. D

    Looking for a full and working Shadowlands 9.2.7 Repack

    Hi everyone! Could someone help me with a full, complete and working Shadowlands 9.2.7 repack? I really like the Firestorm server. Something like that. I compiled my own repacks base on trinitycore but in terms of quests, mechanics and other it's not working at all. I can just navigate...
  8. darhanger

    Recommend repack for dev.

    I make some stuff for WoW. And wanna ask best working repack for developing scripts etc. Have this, but some buggs with classes like (ERW on DK not refresh Death Runes etc.). I configure servers and have all stuff for it. But its to many bugs with classe. And i looking how fix it or transfer...
  9. J

    Create Provided Server Diablo 3 Repack [2023]

    Create provided server Diablo 3 Repack [2023] there is a new release open source repack of diablo 3 to create your private server there are guides on how to make it and download the Blizzard Entertainment client you can download see guide I'm going to upload it to mega….
  10. Brunolopes

    Official Ac-web Fun WoTLK Repack

    This repack is the most advanced and updated version of Azerothcore running in the patch 3.3.5a with a lot of custome features. This Repack Includes: Patch 3.3.5a support. Latest Azeroth core. Latest Azerothcore Database. Eluna Engine. Mall Vendors in Gm island. ( .tele Gmisland) Module...
  11. Brunolopes

    Official Ac-web Blizzlike Trinitycore+Eluna Repack

    This repack is the most advanced and updated version of Trinitycore running in the patch 3.3.5a. We made this repack for the people who enjoy the blizzlike experience and implemented the Eluna engine to be easy for you the user to modify or add anything that you feel necessary or like. This...
  12. Brunolopes

    What would you like to see in a repack?

    Im going to release a repack in like 1-2 weeks (WOLTK) and I would like to know if you were able to chose what the repack has, features etc what would be your priorities as a user!
  13. remamakiller

    Repack legion 7.3.5

    All thanks to d3abl0w, for sharing this great repack Hello to all the ac-web community In this opportunity I come to share with you the Repack Base of a new legion 7.3.5 project that we are doing @remamakiller, Dim®, @kerplunk and some others. Before continuing with the repack information and...
  14. TheWitcher

    LF Eternion WoW 4.0.6 (cata repack)

    Another desperate attempt to find someone who still owns this repack :D So yeah , in short if you have by any chance the repack please contact me here or at discord: TheWitcherr#7727
  15. J

    1002.22121 Repack Dragonflight [2023]

    Download: Patch client https://huargen.com/ Repack : Link removed due to rule violation // Advertising another forum - OMGhixD 22.02.23
  16. AshTheJefe

    [Trinity] [7.3.5] UnifiedCore Legion Repack

  17. Apheleos

    [Trinity] BfaCore Reforged - Battle for Azeroth 8.3.7

    BfaCore : Reforged is a open-source emulator for World of Warcraft, currently supporting the 8.3.7 (build 35662) game version. After a few years of absence in emulation, I decided to come back because I missed it a lot. I could see that there is not much going on (open-source), and that we can...
  18. rem999

    [Trinity] World of Warcraft: Shadowlands 9.Х.Х

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands 9.0.2 (37474) Trinity\Core\Original: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore Repacks: https://mega.nz/file/tJQlCQrL#SL82mgqBBAdEAxxtnF4-dNab2uIjNucYEMpRDm5vJRA 2link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/epvnc3sjgg53d9o/Repacks+Shadowlands++9.0.2(37474)+.rar/file...
  19. Dreadii

    [Trinity] 4.3.4 Precompiled Core Repack

    It has been quite a while since I last did something like this but since the 4.3.4 landscape of repacks has died out quite alot and turned into a commercial clusterfuck I have just decided to throw my version of my 4.3.4 Project in here. So let's get started. ---- The 4.3.4 Project...
  20. PrivateDonut

    PrivateDonuts Ultimate Repack (3.3.5a)(Eluna Engine)

    Repack Maintained By: PrivateDonut This repack includes: Key Features Latest TrinityCore Latest TrinityCore Database Latest Eluna Engine Supports 3.3.5a Estimated Working Classes Death Knights are working 99% as intended. Druids are working 99% as intended. Hunters are working 99% as...