[Trinity] [7.3.5] UnifiedCore Legion Repack


Aug 2, 2014
silithus bug
por algun motivo el repack funciona 90% ingles 10% ruso XD otros bugs normales pero si tenes un poco de conocimiento con los comandos .quest podes jugarlo


Jan 30, 2023
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Have been testing this quite awhile now and it looks as if support on github is down or they aren't replying.

Few issues... I don't possess the skills to fix these, this is more of heads up to people who might use this.

- Deathknights : I have noticed there are many broken quests with DK's, i have found i have to use GM commands more often than not to complete all DK quests. More on this, when using gm commands be careful as there's a lot of objects clipping into eachother and or a lot of running back and forth trying to find the lich king
- There are also quests in kalimdor for horde that are broken as well.
- Darkmoon faire is broken, can't play games as they don't keep score or work for that matter. You can get the quest but can't turn them in as you can't get the stuff needed to complete it.
- Can't find a way to change up the in game shop thing or activate a different currency for it perhaps?
- Quest navigation is hard as sometimes it places a circle around the quest giver and doesn't highlight the area you're supposed to go to especially with allied races. - SOMETIMES

These are just the things i've noticed and trying to just give a heads up, maybe you or whomever downloads this can fix them... maybe not.
if anyone can provide further support to fix these issues or maybe shed some light on how i can edit things or set some quests to auto-complete. or some other edits to make things work or change stuff i'd be very thankful.

where can you reach me?
Discord : GhostOfThePast#5443
Or here.

i'll try to keep this post updated with any new bugs/findings i come across


Nov 27, 2011
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Long story short, you have to add a firewall rule (in advanced mode) for all ports and you have to add firewall rule for the specific programs (authserver.exe and worldserver.exe, however! on legion its most likely gonna be bnetserver.exe instead of authserver.exe)

Then you have to enable the ports in your router configurations.

Ports are "if i recall correctly": 3724 (Bnetserver [and is required], 7878 (this one isnt strictly neccessary, but it enables you to use SOAP), 8081 (RestAPI) and 8085 (Worldserver [and is required])

Ports can be double-checked in Bnetserver.conf and Worldserver.conf
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